Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the before time. the long-long ago

I used to work for actually, more than that, it was a huge part of my identity. A part i've purged mostly from my memory. Someone forwarded a link to jwz's collection of netscape/mozilla photos, and i couldn't resist looking through them. I found myself surprised to see some pictures of me there. Mostly from the meeting at netscape (RIP, may AOL cease performing necrophilia on you) where the mozilla.organs were introduced, and the concepts of the new, open development process were laid out to the engineering team. You'll notice, also, if you ever see me these days, that i still wear the same shoes, though they're re-soled.

There's also a good one of me being really depressed in a meeting after the AOL buyout. It turned out, i think, to be a better thing for in the long run, but it was a depressing end to the business life of a great place to work.

Fortunately for me, i keep finding fantastic places to work.