Friday, November 25, 2011

Morning Commute

(in keeping with this publication's primary themes of infrequent updating and dream logging, this is a dream post, almost a year without updating)

I'm performing my usual morning commute, biking on the big dummy with my son on the back. This morning's commute differs from the usual in that my boss is also on the back of the bike, because she needs a ride to work. We roll along, and I'm able to manage a decent pace in spite of the increased weight. Part of the commute involves carrying the bike up several flights of stairs in a high rise, and leaping from one internal fire escape landing to another. This is considerably more difficult with an extra passenger (I am, apparently, not allowed to ask them to get off the bike for this). We get to the last leap before making the descent out of the building, and I have to hurl the bike across the open space before making the jump myself, and even though the destination is lower than where I jump from, i almost don't make it, meaning that return is impossible.

As I prepare to exit the window to descend, two young construction workers appear in the window (male and female, this seems relevant somehow) to y that the way down is closed, and they are seemingly very amused at my predicament. Amidst the complaints of the commuters backed up behind me (on the last landing), I realize that I could get the bike back across the gap if I ditched my boss (or my son, but that choice seems obvious)... But the dream ends with me standing frustrated at an apparent dead end, with the construction workers giggling in amusement.