Monday, December 17, 2007

Feeling like a kid again

My sister won a costume contest this year on Halloween, at a big party
in Moab. Her costume deserves its own post.

The prize was an electraglide cruiser, a model named "the betty,"
which I assume means it's a girl's bike. My sister, however, is no
girl; rather, she's a badass female triathlete, with no shortage of
bikes. Now, she could have picked up an easy $400 for the bike, but
instead gave it to her little brother (that's me).

She brought it yesterday and surprised me with it, with a red ribbon
on it and everything. We went for a cruise in the park and down to the
beach... Me grinning like an idiot or small child the whole time. It's
good to feel like a little kid sometimes. Thanks, sis!

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