Monday, August 04, 2008

rivers, children, the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide.

The boys are away for a couple of weeks, and this past weekend i took the opportunity to go to River Prom (which will get its own post). The combination of river rafting and drinking (by others) led me to drop into Dad mode, looking out for people struggling in the water, or otherwise acting more inebriated than anyone has a right to be around water.

Last night, i had a dream that Antonio and i were in the river, and that i was in Dad mode, but paying attention to everyone else, and lost track of the boy. And the worst happened, of course. Technically, this makes my dream a nightmare, but i didn't awake with a racing heart or cold sweat. I did remember the images vividly, and while he seemed peaceful, the sense of loss crushed my soul, even into waking.

Today, i talk to Andey on the phone... and lo, he and Antonio are going to the river. Just what i needed to hear!

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Anonymous said...

River prom sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to the post!

Your dream sounds uggy, but it's interesting that it didn't cause panic.

I expect and hope that Andey and Antonio will have a fine, fun and safe time in the river!

Stay well.