Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Full Moon Missing

I sit in the darkness of the missing moonlight, which some might call unnatural, because it is unusual, and i think it might be good to light some candles. I light the candles and sit between them, as they are on either end of my room. As i sit thinking of the light that is missing, and the lights that burn, i see them all as symbols. I see constellations of lights of various kinds, floating around us all. Some we give life to and once we have done that, they provide us with their own heat and light. Some mysteriously vanish from our sight by no action or inaction of our own. Sometimes they return, and sometimes they do not.

We are, all of us, candles, stars, and moons for someone. Keep this in mind when you feel overshadowed or distant. The shadow can pass, the distance can shrink, and the light can return.

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