Friday, March 03, 2006


Work has been cranking this week, very very busy.

Spent an evening out last night with a friend i haven't had a chance to talk with much, and it was great to just sit and talk and then walk around and look at art. I think it was very good for both of us to get out, and just relax and reconnect.

I have made a lot of emotional progress with respect to my grandfather in the last couple of weeks. I no longer burst into tears when i think about him, or about him being gone, or whenever i happen to see a picture of him. I actually smile when i contemplate his existence and the influence he had on the world, and on my life specifically. I know he is either no longer a conscious entity, or he exists somewhere else, in some other state, in his blissed out calm, and either way i know he'd want, or would have wanted, people to be happy for having known him, and not missing out on the living yet to be done.

Thanks to everyone who helped me by just listening and talking.

Andy got a facilities job offer from an art school. She needs to check with her union before taking it, just to make sure she won't be ejected for taking the work. Hopefully it will work out, because the union is really not providing any work for her at all, and it stresses her out staying home.

In gardening news, Andy's garden has yielded its first potatoes. Yum!

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