Monday, March 13, 2006

Being Ill Is Not Fun

Today felt like a complete waste of time at work today. I can't tell if it's the dayquil or the cold making my head too foggy to debug code.

The weekend was also hampered mightily by illness, though it didn't manage to ruin the Big Work Party this weekend. Seeing everyone in formal getup blew me away. Dressing in formal getup gave me much pleasure, as well. Perhaps Andy and I will attend more formal-attire events in the future, now that we have a bit more wardrobe support for it.

Had to cancel sunday's fun activity because i couldn't talk... still can barely talk. Ended up visiting family with Antonio and doing tech support for their poor, unfirewalled microsoft computers. One of the many positive aspects of visiting my family, though, is being stuffed to the gills with really, really tasty food.

It'll give me a heart attack by the time i'm 60, but i will have seriously enjoyed living.

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